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About The Herbalista

Luisa Valdez is a force impossible to ignore – Balancing Happy + Healthy as the Creator of The Herbalista, she specializes in the education and celebration of sex + drugs + mind/body/soul.

A graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Luisa completed her degree in Holistic Healthcare with certifications in Western Herbalism, Aromatherapy, and Yoga– Frustrated with the lack of options available to support her individual health situations, Luisa looked to holistic healthcare to help manage her chronic injuries and illness that needed support outside of traditional medicine. Her degree in holistic health and yoga training helped her to develop her own health and fitness programs, where she combines elemental and energetic philosophies for balanced wellness.

Currently Luisa Valdez manages The Herbalista as a lifestyle and wellness brand centered around balancing happy + healthy. Since 2010, Luisa + The Herbalista have combined a deeply rooted connection to Social Justice with a passionate focus on Holistic Healthcare, educating and advocating for comprehensive sexual health and HIV awareness, plant-based medicines including medical marijuana, and modified fitness/yoga. Luisa is also the creator of Yoga for Abundant Bodies and MOD Fitness, programs under The Herbalista brand that customizes adaptable yoga and interval training sessions for all ability levels.

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