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MMJ Grow

Last night I went on a tour of a local medical marijuana grow warehouse. It was an event through BeAZ, a new movement emerging in the Valley.I listened to the owner share his story about being a very conservative anti-marijuana man until his very small daughter fell ill to a rare seizure disorder that set his path on to becoming one of the largest growers of MMJ in our state. I also heard from a gentlemen who helped shape our exisiting state MMJ laws and is on the forefront of adult usage on the ballots locally for 2016.Marijuana is safer than alcohol + prescription medications — There is more than enough research on the positive medicinal, economical, and civic impacts that deregulation of marijuana offers that it is criminal we continue to punish responsible adult usage. I look forward to when we have less prison overcrowding, less minorities being disproportionately persecuted for possession, and less organized crime in our communities.It was great to see a behind the scenes look at how medicine like mine is made and I am grateful to the fabulous team at BeAZ + Cultivator, owner and Arizona Dispensary Association President JP Holyoak who provided his experience and expertise in the business and law of MMJ in AZ.
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