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Gastroparesis (GP) has no cure, doesn’t go away, and has limited treatment options, most of which are not suitable options for me specifically.

Once I was able to get the diagnoses of GP and better understand what was happening inside my body, it became quite clear that I was going to need some serious and dedicated support of my body / mind / soul. It also was becoming clearer that I would need that support independent of the VA.

I am fortunate enough to be working with two Naturopathic teams to help manage this experience. I was incredibly grateful to receive a gift certificate for Phoenix Natural Medicine & Detox Center so I could have a Heavy Metals panel completed. I tested positive for 11 metals and the three highest levels of metals were of Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury. Heavy Metals detoxing is most effective as an IV treatment and with Dr. Carmen Mora’s recommend protocol, I am looking at almost $2k of my own fixed income for 12 chelation sessions over 24 weeks. It will be extremely beneficial to complete these treatments as soon as possible, but my body isn’t strong enough just yet. Thanks to the incredible team of professionals at Revolution Health though, I know that despite what my body is going through, it is getting stronger. Being a patient at Revolution Health and of Dr. Julie and Dr. Beth is a priceless opportunity that has made an enormous impact on my well-being. Through each naturopathy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, IV nutrient therapy, and massage therapy session their compassionate and informative practice has strengthened my confidence in managing this experience. (I can’t forget to mention that support mentally + emotionally has been a lifesaver in more ways than one. I have been seeing Dr. Leeann Rosckowff for over a year now and have nothing but the highest respect and gratitude for her existence both professionally and universally.)

But I know I certainly couldn’t have survived this Summer if it wasn’t for my nearest and dearest. I have received generosity and love like I have never known before. I have friends literally helping to nourish me by making me food loaded with as much love as there were restrictions, getting me out of the house when I had been cooped up too long, checking in on the wife and I to see how we were holding up, taming mushrooms and making me kombucha, then there was all the hanging out and hugging it out, and dealing with my tear stained face and emotional waves of anger, frustration, and fear. These are all debts of gratitude I will happily spend the rest of my life repaying.

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