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Is it Thanksgiving, yet?

Had a sick + rough weekend, and not just from that Cardinals game Sunday!! My energy levels have been cut dramatically with managing more intense treatments and pushing my systems to get stronger, so I definitely have less spoons than ever. It’s been emotionally draining and taxing on the heart just to keep up with this disease, but I see the benefits of every treatment and know that I am doing everything asked of me. Not always gracefully, happily, or with any understanding, but I honor the work I have done on my mind / body / soul, as well as the work that lies ahead.


Today I started my new homeopathic chelation protocol for heavy metal detoxing– Zinicum for my Cadmium toxicity + Causticum for my Lead toxicity. My Mercury, though not optimal, was not a priority. I do stick to Salmon as a safer seafood choice. The tricky part will be supplementing 2-3 GRAMS of Vitamin C in daily during the process, especially when I can only eat proteins, potatoes, carrots, and very small amounts of lemon, avocado, and spinach…

I have spent two weekends in a row puking my guts out, on top of weeks of wasting away while trying to slow the spin out of this disease. I am up to a meal and a half a day, down to 164lbs and wasting away.

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*I am thankful for my fabulous friends who don’t let me apologize or feel bad when I have to cancel at last minute or puke my guts out while piled into a car
*I am thankful for my medical team at Revolution Health + Dr. Leeann Rosckowff for helping me be as well as I can be and showing me what compassionate health care truly is
*I am thankful for my wife + cats for their unconditional love and support
*I am thankful for those I love and the love they show me in return– those who matter have really been present and those who don’t helped me realize it. I have more time freed up to be happy + healthy and am not wasting energy on anything else.

I am eternally grateful for this journey of mine: it is a tragedy, comedy, love story, thriller, tear-jerker, and a mystery, but an adventure nonetheless. Xoxox

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