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Our Journey Together

We’ve lost over 200 lbs!


We started realizing that changes needed to be made in 2010. By 2011, we could no longer ignore the way our bodies felt and looked. We were in pain on many levels, frustrated with the lack of options for our bodies and health situations. We wanted to do the work, but weren’t sure how to see results without putting ourselves at risk for additional injury, upset, or disappointment. We met incredible people that supported us along the way, sharing their experiences, expertise, kindness, and patience. They supported us throughout our journey, not just when we started showing results.

There were never any judgments about our progress, no mater how slow. We were motivated, inspired, and feeling like we could really manage our health in a way that we felt connected to. Now we’re ready to share the tools we’ve learned and the love we were given to help others who are where we’ve been and want to join us in being well. Recently, we were both even invited to the Mayo Clinic here locally as panelists regarding our weight loss journey!

No fads, no wraps, no magic diets or products. No being miserable, no binges, no wild approaches/quick fixes/easy routes. Just eating better, keeping active,  laughing often, and listening to what it is that our body, mind, and soul really need. Our wellness journey is all about balance, moderation, gratitude, and happiness.

Get started on your own wellness journey, today!



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