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CBD or Cannabidiol is one of at least 85 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. It can be extracted + isolated from the plant and used to support individuals without THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects.

Recently I was invited to try a CBD product to support my injuries + illnesses that I typically medicate with medical marijuana. CBD Oils are one of the leading products marketed for CBD usage. Legal in all 50 states because there is no THC present, most individuals can purchase and use the drops with little to no issue.(Definitely consult with your medical team before beginning any CBD, MMJ, or make any new additions to your health routine). Typical dosage would be 1-2 droppers full, 2-4 times per day, as needed for issue. Drops can be taken orally or added to smoothies or salads.

“Dose of Nature has released four RedStrap CBD Oil Blends in 100% virgin organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, and olive oil.  The RedStrap CBD oil contains 70% CBD plus the full entourage of other cannabinoids, minus the waxes, resins, and organic matter, rendering a clear, clean, delicious, and more bioavailable form of CBD oil.”

I was offered a bottle of Redstrap CBD in Hemp Oil — there is a distinct smell + taste to hemp oil that can be quite acrid on the senses. Despite that, the texture of the drops slides smoothly down the hatch and though the pungent flavor only lingers momentarily, I experienced an extreme sense of indigestion.

Almost immediately I felt a fist size knot around my diaphragm and kept having a salty tasty stuck in my throat / chest. I experienced some gas and digestive discomfort for the next couple of hours before my body resettled. Later in the evening, I took another dose hoping that maybe the drops would assist with my night time routine. Unfortunately, I had a similar experience as earlier and had difficulty sleeping because of digestive upset.

The next day I inventoried my diet, activity, and other vitamins/supplements. I reduced or eliminated any possible conflicts and gave myself a day to recuperate before attempting another dose. Same experience. Over the past couple of weeks I have tried 1-2 droppers full, twice daily, 2-3 times a  week and the only variation was the intensity of the indigestion + discomfort. I would be absolutely willing to try the product in a different oil to see if it would be benefit me more, but I couldn’t get through the side effects enough to see the benefits currently.

Though my experience with this particular product didn’t fare well for me, I encourage you to do your own research (I am still interested in learning more about some of their offerings!) and please feel free to share how it goes! My experience with Dose of Nature as a company was excellent — I am appreciative that they reached out to me for my professional feedback and their team was super communicative and easy to connect with! READ MORE about their company and product line ONLINE~

A note about CBD drops before I end this post — I truly believe in the benefits of whole plant medicine but am realistic to the fact that sometimes one component of a plant gets isolated, reproduced, marketed, and sold for profit before relief. I don’t believe this is the case with Dose of Nature. Medical Marijuana (MMJ) and Adult Usage are hot button topics in our current sociopolitical climate. I share my journey in hopes of creating awareness, reducing stigma, and encouraging responsible, informed conversations and actions regarding marijuana reform. Like most plant based + holistic wellness, it is no longer an alternative medicine, it is imperative.

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