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This was me in my “Reaping Day” outfit two years ago today.

I was just getting to the hospital at ODarkThirty for hysterectomy surgery: I had a plum size tumor that was too embedded in my uterus to be separated, so our choice was extraction via Da Vinci laser robot. I had a referral from the VA to select my surgeon and I lucked out with one of the best teams at one of the best hospitals in the valley~

The Herbalista on InstagramThough I have had many positive changes in my mind, body, and soul over the past two years, every day is reminder of my Reaping Day. I am almost 31 years old and happier and healthier than I have ever been, but it certainly takes me being diligent about balance and moderation. Some things I’ll point out about my journey so far:

  • I regulate my hormones naturally through smarter eating habits, a modified and active lifestyle, and plant + spirit medicine
  • I embrace the hard parts like hot flashes, exhaustion, radically different sex life, and change in my body/spirit with lots of laughter, time + space, and even some intense sweating sessions. (let’s be real– screaming, crying or MMJ helps, too).
  • I definitely wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t necessary.

It is a part of my journey that I wouldn’t change because I wouldn’t be exactly where I am right now, and I love where I am right now. Next year I have decided will be my Crone Crowning, and I can’t wait to celebrate what is to come. For now, I will enjoy what is in this moment — a lazy Sunday.

Always an adventure, this journey…

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