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*NOTES: Fees are offered on a sliding scale as The Herbalista understands that there are many variables to consider when investing in wellness. While services are open to all people, The Herbalista centers her practice around her BIPOC and Queer communities and prioritizes
availability/offerings accordingly. 
All practice disclaimers for The Herbalista listed HERE*




MOD Fitness PHX blends the concepts of varied intensity interval training and yoga for a considerate practice that is MODified to meet people where they’re at in their bodies. MFphx is a whole body, strength building workout adaptable for any body and able to be customized for individual/group goals. The benefits of these modified programs extend beyond the body, as MFphx also promotes balance for the mind, and spirit. These energizing and low impact workouts designed by The Herbalista offer MODified exercises and poses to support cardiovascular health, joint health, as well as promote flexibility, stability, and joy in movement.

These one-on-one and small group classes are set to an eclectic soundtrack for motivating movement and can be offered in sessions of 45/60/75 minutes in length. ***

Yoga for Abundant Bodies is a #MFphx program created by The Herbalista to introduce and support individuals with weight or mobility issues through developing a calm and confident yoga-like practice. Abundant meaning plentiful and Body referring to the physical/ emotional/ mental selves we identify with, Yoga for Abundant Bodies MODifies the traditional poses of yoga to a mostly standing practice and can also customize programs according to the individual’s or group’s goals/needs. Yoga for Abundant Bodies aims to help people have the confidence and know-how to safely navigate their bodies in any place or space they choose to practice their style of yoga. These one-on-one and small group classes are set to an array of soothing lofi beats for promoting deep breathing and solid stretches. Sessions are scheduled for 45 or 60 minutes in length. ***

Sunday Morning Trails and Tales are an excellent way to build health and community! Join The Herbalista on her favorite outdoor adventures as she guides through mostly paved gentle scenic trails with tales of desert plants and folklore, city history, as well as friendly chats among friendly faces, all finished with a light cool down stretch and quick closing meditation. Open to socialized little ones of two or four legs! These public outdoor offerings rotate locations, are typically scheduled for 830am trail meetups, and are scheduled for either 60/75/90 minutes in length. Please see social media pages for current schedule.  

Add-On Program MODifications can be additional focuses for some non-traditional offerings in bliss-based movement.

Green Star: classes integrating Medical Marijuana (card holders only)

Yellow Star: classes integrating Aromatherapy or Tea Service

Red Star: classes integrating Nudity or Kink (id required for registration/attendance)

***Pre-Requisites: health screening, disclosure statements, registration form for individuals and contracts for businesses

Requirements for all MOD Fitness PHX programs: water bottle, comfortable clothing and shoes to move in, positive mental attitude / willingness to participate as best as possible. Sun/element gear strongly recommended.

Holistic Health Consultations

Informal Meet-Ups are great ways to engage The Hebalista over tea/coffee/cocktails and discuss any questions or concerns about balancing one’s happy + healthy, collaborations or requests for services, and similar discussion. These are free sessions that offer in the moment resources, tools, and connection while fostering future plans and paths for success. Consider this consultation to be part hang out session, part life coaching session, and good vibes all around. Informal Meet-Ups typically take place in a local/independent coffee shop or cafe in various parts of the valley and last from 60-90mins in length.

Formal Wellness Plan require a more extensive appointment where The Herbalista goes over the individual’s entire health history, helps them identify current imbalances/injuries/illnesses that are creating barriers to their happy + healthy, and establish wellness goals formalized into a plan of action with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations specific to the individual’s needs. These plans boast customized suggestions of herbs, supplements, exercises, lists of items to boost/distract goals, and often time infusions of affirmations, essential oils, flower essences, and other mind and spirit elevators for a total holistic approach to wellness.

Specialty Focuses:

Sexual Health + Hormone Support // Digestive Health // Lymphatic Support + Detoxing // Medical Marijuana + Prop 203 program // Veterans // LGBTQ // BIPOC // 


offerings + services being updated currently. 


Flower Essences
Stress Management
Meditation & Relaxation Techniques
Healthy Living Classes

MST / Sexual Trauma / Abuse
Ceremonies & Celebrations

Sustainability in Health & Wellness
Southwestern / Desert Medicine & Folklore

Community Outreach Programs
Youth, Adults, Active Seniors, and Pets
Non-Profit Workers / Volunteers / Union Laborers
Marginalized Individuals and Vulnerable Populations
Corporate Wellness Programs for Local and Independent Businesses