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In the past month there has been lots of activity. My health is no longer at a frustrating decline and seems to be stabilizing, though some days it feels like two steps forward and ten step back. Some new supplements and treatments have been helpful with a new herbal routine + possibly a low dose pharmaceutical that may show benefit for gut motility disorders / autoimmune diseases are all in the works. I have been doing well walking as much as my body lets me and have introduced MMJ concentrates to help manage the pain + discomfort.

It’s definitely a balancing act that changes by the moment; I go from feeling well enough to get out and about to quickly getting ill, being in pain or severely uncomfortable, and even completely wiped out and no longer functional. Some times my body wigs out because of the roller coaster of digestive issues, blood sugar processing, nutrient deficiencies, pain overload, etc. This experience is certainly helping to expand my sense of humor!!

This week I have had a surgical consult for my gallbladder (thankfully, that gets to stay put!) and an abdominal + pelvic MRI w/contrast (tossed my fluids in front of a room full of student techs / radiologists). Veterans Day was also this week and I was able to enjoy a great day with some of my loved ones.


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