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Flower Essences of May – part 1

I posted on Instagram earlier this week about Flower Essences — I wanted to follow up on the essences I made as well as share a few quick and dirty basics about this excellent wellness tool!

How do Flower Essences support Wellness?

Flower Essences are an energetic support for balancing emotions. They wouldn’t be used as a remedy for physical symptoms like headaches, sore back, or an upset stomach rather, for emotional upsets like nervousness, aggression, or lack of confidence.

What exactly is in a Flower Essence?

Flower Essences are made from purified water infused with a flowers, typically outdoors in the sun or moon light. The essence, or vitality, of the flower is extracted in to the water, allowing the energetic properties of the plant to be used as remedy for the spirit. After the Flower Essence has been created (routinely referred to as the “Mother Essence”) the Flower Essence is combined with alcohol as a preservative. Flower Essences were created by Dr. Edward Bach, an English Homeopath, in the 1930s.

Who can benefit from Flower Essences?

People, pets, plants, and our planet can benefit from Flower Essences! Because they are an energetic medicine, they virtually have no adverse interactions with others unless the alcohol preservative is a factor.

How do I use Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are used in a drop dosage, meaning only a few drops (suggestions range from 3 to 7 drops) are needed to support current emotional imbalances. Drops can be added to your beverages or taken under the tongue/orally.

NOTE: Please consult with a trained and confident Flower Essence Practitioner for support specific to your wellness. Always consult with your medical professionals when incorporating new wellness techniques in to your health plan and remember your responsibility to research your wellness choices. 

What Flower Essences did The Herbalista make this week?

Click HERE to read more about the three Flower Essences I made this week: Vitex, Citronella Geranium, and Sacred Datura

The Herbalista made Flower Essences with Tracy Perkins of this week

Where may I learn more about Flower Essences?

I’m always down for a tasty treat downtown and a convo about flower essences if you’d like to connect for a complimentary consultation or please feel free to check out some of my most trusted references below!

Katie Hess with Lotus Wei

Flower Essences Class at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA)

The Complete Book of Flower Essences: 48 Natural and Beautiful Ways to Heal Yourself and Your Life

The Bach Flower Remedies


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