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Sacred Datura

Datura inoxia

Positive Influences

    • Helps ease emotions and perceptions during transition
    • Expands views on the bigger picture / realities of the higher situation
    • Strengthens sense of security
    • Deeply Spiritual Essence, enhances energy & intensifies connection
Optional Affirmation: I am doing my best and honor my success

What emotions may benefit from this Flower Essence? Insecurities outside of self (feelings of being unsafe, hyper vigilant, on guard), Nervousness regarding major transition/change, feeling envious or upset that you aren’t being recognized for your efforts, burning out due to lack of interest/motivation/connection to purpose

Recommend dosage: 3-5 drops, 2-3 times per day

NOTE: Sacred Datura is a toxic plant and should be handled with knowledge, experience, and respect. As a rule, the danger is in the dosage, so please consult with a trained and confident professional before utilizing this plant as medicine.


Vitex agnus-castus

Positive Influences:

      • Balances Masculine/Feminine Energy
      • Breaks up stagnate energy
      • Encourages action and motion without pressure
      • Gently revitalizes energy and encourages joy
Optional Affirmation: I am ready to experience new spaces, places, and faces.

What emotions may benefit from this Flower Essence? Lacking confidence or motivation, feeling unfocused/off path/stuck in a rut, feeling fatigued or drained

Recommended dosage: 3-5 drops, 3-5 times per day

Citronella Geranium

Pelargonium citrosum

Positive Influences:

        • Encourages feelings of comfort
        • Enhances Feminine Energy
        • Spiritual Essence
          • strengthens connection to Inner Light
          • guides/ushers through heaviness & negativity
Optional Affirmation: Love shines from within me and all around me

What emotions may benefit from this Flower Essence? insecurities regarding self image, feeling overwhelmed by negativity or like light is fading into dark, uncertainty or doubt, feeling cutoff or disconnected from others / isolated

Recommend dosage: 3-5 drops, 3-4 times per day

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