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I first learned of Fire Cider in 2010 during one of my Western Herbalism classes at SWIHA. The class was taught by the incredible JoAnn Sanchez as part of our Medicine Making courses for our Holistic Health Care degree program.

I remember learning about the potency of this fiery elixir– how invigorating + stimulating fire cider was for warding off cold / flu season, awakening your wild woman, and increasing your fire constituency. We discussed Rosemary Gladstar and her recipe as well as how to take liberty with our own ingredients that support the same therapeutic benefits; pairing ancient traditions with modern knowledge guided by energetic intuition.

My first batch of fire cider was made during the Winter of 2011. My wife and I went on our first trip to the Asian Marketplace at the Chinese Cultural Center on the East Side to gather some of the herbs. It was great to walk around and see the fresh chunks of roots piled up with the veggies and fruits, selecting garlic and chilies, smelling all the fresh produce mixed with smells of fresh seafood, it was sensory overload for sure! But, it was all part of my medicine making experience.

It was helpful to have this on hand for head colds, low Pitta, digestive sluggishness, and general toning + detoxing of the body. I even shared some with my friend + fellow herbie~

I share this story today because this incredibly powerful and precious medicine is being threatened by corporate greed. There is a company trying to stop people from making this medicine so that they may profit. This medicine has been around for generations and Rosemary Gladstar has been actively teaching about it for decades. Plant saving, tree-hugging, hippie woowoo as it sounds, this is serious business that directly attacks me as a professional and as an individual who benefits from fire cider as medicine. Learn more about this threat and how you can help HERE or by pasting this link in to your browser:

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